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The Truth Is in There

We are all looking for the truth, our own truth, multiple truths or a truth universal.

So how do we find the truth while not being mesmerised by the magicians of the mass media? How do we prevent our emotions from being conjured with, misdirected, pulled from the back-pockets oligarchs in a slight of hand?

Maybe we can navigate through the sea of truths, half-truths and lies presented as truths on social media, echo sounding our way through the shallows and depths, fretful of losing the thread in the deep 6.

One search might involve stripping away artifice, the carefully framed, the over-considered. Doing away with the made beautiful and picturesque. A gaze focusing on the unremarkable, but never-the-less true.

Maybe do away with the hierarchy of perspective with no vanishing point, no horizon everything laid out and measured, an egalitarian equalness.

Or we could collect moments and preserve them in a sort of reliquary. Something that addresses the small unspeakable truths in our every day. A little moment of truth recording grief, a love with nowhere to go.

Perhaps in the end, we are left only with our own truth. A raft to build and cling to as we ride out the same storm together but in boats of our own making.


Michael Olden

Preparatory Drawing No.1 Pencil, pen and paint on paper
Preparatory Drawing No.2 Pencil, pen and paint on paper
Preparatory Drawing No.1 Pencil, pen and paint on paper

Kitty Dale

Ravaged by Fire, Tossed by the Waves
Hard and Prickly Outside, Beautiful and shiny inside
For Real
Flown Away


Daniel Huckfield

Self Portrait – Image 1
Self Portrait – Image 2
Self Portrait – Image 3
Self Portrait – Image 4
Self Portrait – Image 5
Self Portrait – Image 6